Photo Editing/Enhancement

What could  photo editing/enhancement do to your image (s):

Remove wrinkles and blemishes

Notice  how youthful you’d look with your teeth whitened,  crow’s feet and other wrinkles removed, blemishes cleared.  Look how a   flattering eye shadow lights up the eyes and a ‘nose lift’ adds to your beauty.

Clean  background, change background:

Jo’s Before Picture:  Hair color is not even, a tooth is missing, and the face is shiny.

After Change of Backdrop:

Notice how the picture is now memorable with your vacation picture as the backdrop and your face enhanced, hair color evened out.

Add persons to the background.

We combine two or more pictures to make your image unforgettable.  Look how these two pictures are combined making image   unforgettable:

Juliana Palermo in a studio shot.

Bella Monte Poolside party.

Juliana Palermo at Bella Monte Poolside to welcome guests.

Subtract persons/objects to the background:

Before Photo Editing:

Malu at Palawan Underground River

After Photo Editing:

Crop our your image from a group shot:

Welvic’s picture or any one’s  picture from the group shot could be cropped and used for profile picture, etc.

Adjust makeup

                                                          Shiny face without make-up.

                                                               Face after Photo Enhancement

Change the mood of your picture for effect:

Taken at St. Patrick’s Day at Hooyah

We could do these too:

Remove dark circles under eyes,  improve eye color.

Make hands smaller, smoother

Whiten teeth, make lips fuller/plumper

Fix blush, thin eyebrows, adjust/add mascara

Adjust breast size, waist, hips, arms

Adjust size/shape of face

Touch up, fix color of  body, hair, dress, eyes, makeup, skin

Complex body improvement and background manipulations.

Make a montage of your several pictures.

Make a sharp layout of your Senior shots, wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc. pictures.

One thought on “Photo Editing/Enhancement

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